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Phoenix Theatre Singers Xmas Show: Thurs 6th – Sat 8th December 7.30pm

The evening will contain a variety of Xmas music, sketches and monologues to amuse and entertain.  Do come along and enjoy our pre-Christmas fun.  Tickets at £10 are available on our website.

Hope Charity Concert – Saturday 26th January 7.30pm

Tickets at £15 are available on our website.

Open Auditions for our June 2019 production – Monday 28th January 7.30pm

The planned June production at the Phoenix Theatre is the Pullitzer Prize winning comedy Harvey by Mary Chase.

The action of the play revolves around good-natured, unambitious Elwood P Dowd who is befriended by a playful spirit that takes on the form of a large white rabbit and chooses to go by the name of Harvey.  Harvey is invisible unless he chooses to reveal himself.  In the play we see the effect this strange relationship has on Elwood’s family and the mayhem that ensues when they try to commit him to a ‘rest home.’

‘Harvey’ offers a number of interesting roles both male and female in a large cast.  This is an ideal opportunity for anyone thinking of getting involved in our local amateur theatre company to put a toe in the water.  The Phoenix is holding open auditions at the theatre in St Mary Street from on Monday 28th January at 7.30pm.

There will also be a reading of the play at the theatre beforehand on Monday 21st January at 7.30pm.

For further information or to express interest please contact the theatre by email at  davidandalexpollard@gmail.com

David Pollard (director)


Upcoming films being shown at The Phoenix Theatre include (see http://www.rosscinema.com for details) :

The 2019 programme will be announced shortly.