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All Things Considered – a comedy by Ben Brown performed by the Phoenix Theatre Company – Sat 24th June – Sat 1st July at 7.30pm


Professor of Philosophy, David Freeman, is about to reach a birthday milestone but he is tired of life.  Time for ‘self-deliverance’!  However, Ronnie his best friend needs support.  Laura, with interesting views on organ distribution, wants to talk “Kidneys”!  Margaret wants his love and Joanna, an abrasive journalist, hounds him for his views on his ex-wife’s autobiography.  Alone at last he seeks to carry out his plan but will he succeed or will there be something he hasn’t considered?

Video preview:

The play is currently in rehearsal and is being directed by Renee Field assisted by Tom Lee-Hynes.

Renee comments: “All Things Considered is an admixture of farce and ethical debate that is exhilarating, hysterically funny and terribly, terribly sad”.

The cast in rehearsal:

The cast includes:


Robin Haig as David Freeman




Phil Field as Ronnie



Gareth Wigg as Tom




Howard Owen as Bob



Michelle Cooper as Laura




Lucy Davies as Margaret





Lizzie Nicholson as Joanna




Upcoming films being shown at The Phoenix Theatre include (see http://www.rosscinema.com for details) :

  • La La Land – 2nd July 7pm


Billy Liar (Hand to Mouth Productions) – Saturday 22nd July 7.30pm

Billy Fisher has got a bit of a problem – three girlfriends, two fiancées and only one engagement ring. And then the truth seems to be having an inconvenient way of getting in the way of fiction – Billy’s fiction.  Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall’s story of a young man who prefers to mask mundane reality with a web of hilarious fantasy provided a breakthrough role for Albert Finney and Tom Courtney. Now a talented and enthusiastic young cast bring Hand to Mouth Production’s version of this modern comedy classic to the 21st century stage.