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Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams (Phoenix Theatre Company) – Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd November at 7.30pm

There were four of them in the lonely bungalow in the woods; Mrs Bransom, elderly, irascible and wheelchair bound; Olivia her niece and lonely paid companion, desperate to ‘make something’ of her life; the housekeeper Mrs Terence who serves her mistress with open hostility and Dora, a poor and vulnerable scullery maid with a guilty secret. Then there’s Hubert, staid and unimaginative, Olivia’s only hope of escape but – escape to what? Enter Danny, the bell-boy from ‘The Tallboys’, a flash hotel a mile or so away. To the disgust of the others Danny succeeds in charming the old lady but there is something about him that both repels and fascinates Olivia. But what? A woman has disappeared from The Tallboys and the police have become involved. The tension mounts when a woman’s body is found; surely the murderer can’t be in their midst! But Hubert comes and goes at will and Danny has taken up residence to look after the old lady…
‘Night Must Fall’ is a classic thriller by Emlyn Williams with a terrifying climax.

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